Month: February 2015

Dientes de Navarino

Dientes de Navarino Circuit We flew from Punta Arenas to the southernmost town in Chile (and the world), Puerto Williams. The flight was on a 10 seater airplane and our neighbors were 2 Australians who would start the trek with us. As the plane headed over the stunning Darwin Range and deeper into Tierra del Fuego and close to Cape… Read more →

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Falkland Islands – Carcass Island and Volunteer Point

For Part I of our Falklands journey on Sea Lion Island- click here Carcass Island We stayed in the Carcass Island House, where landowners Rob and Lorraine McGill greeted us with open arms. Carcass is a beautiful island, with numerous slopes, cliffs and large stretches of dunelands (“it’s a cracker of a place” as the Falklanders would say). And don’t… Read more →

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Falkland Islands – Sea Lion Island

You know how people will sometimes say, “go to your happy place”? Well, I’ve found mine… the Falkland Islands.   The Falklands is a British colony about 300 miles off the coast of Argentina. Despite it’s 700+ islands comprising ~4700 square miles, there are only about 3000 inhabitants. This allows for a huge wildlife reservoir with very few people to share!… Read more →